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One week will make one strong. After seven years, you can now see the magic of Lithe Escape and cheer conditioning. Fall dates will be released tomorrow! 

Lithe /Jamaica 2016 by Brandon E. Kamin | Filmmaker on Vimeo.



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THE EPIC BOWL 23 May 2016

The Epic Bowl

We're making all your plant-based protein dreams come true with our Epic Bowl. Lentils, curried cauliflower, shaved carrots, and chickpeas with tahini dressing ($12).



What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? I love the way that Lithe makes me feel. It gives me energy on even the craziest days and can turn a bad mood into a good one. Lithe helps me stay healthy, eat well, and keep a consistent sleep schedule. And as a teacher, that's imperative. I love watching myself get stronger with every class and the ever-changing schedule always brings me back for more.

When you've had a long day, what how do you de-stress? Lithe is a great way to de-stress, but I also love taking walks, baking, drinking a glass or two of wine, and great meals out or at home.

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Mastering the CCS moves. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get through a set of new CCS without any mistakes (and without stopping!).

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? I would be Pom. I loved it from the first time I took it with Gerri and I live for the CCS in that class.

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? I am a kindergarten teacher and I have actually used calf pumps, shave the heads and high V's as a brain break with my class if they are tired, rowdy or antsy. They love the moves and I love getting them to move in the classroom.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the three products you'd need to survive? A great book (or five), sunscreen (I turn into a lobster after 10 minutes in the sun), and ice cream (my favorite cheat day treat).


Join the Lithe team! Lithe is hiring part-time front desk studio staff for our Rittenhouse and Old City locations.  

Part-Time Front Desk Studio Staff Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide high-level hospitality and customer service to clients
  • Be comfortable with computer database functions and other basic computer skills
  • Have experience handling money and a register
  • Be able to communicate clearly and efficiently via e-mail and telephone
  • Maintain the Lithe Method brand aesthetic and studio appearance
  • Maintain the appearance and upkeep of Lithe’s retail (Lithe Foods and Lithe Wear)
  • Assist Lithe’s Studio Manager in daily studio tasks and projects

What's Required?

  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task independently within a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to initiate tasks independently
  • Excellent communication skills and superior organizational skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills and confidentiality
  • Friendly and professional email and phone etiquette
  • Have a passion for Lithe, healthy living, and fitness
  • Be willing to participate in Lithe Method workouts to fully understand the brand
  • Flexible/non-traditional hours: multiple days per week including some holidays, early mornings, nights, and weekends

Part-time front desk studio positions will be available at Lithe with the following anticipated hours:

  • 10-20 hours per week (including some early mornings, nights, and weekends)

Please submit resume, cover letter, and availability to


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What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? The huge difference in the way I feel when I don't Lithe compared to when I do. My attitude and energy are amazing after Lithe. That carries me through the whole day. Also looking at pics of me at Lithe when I was 36-weeks pregnant with twins. If I could power through a barre series then, I can certainly do it now. 

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? Cooking and music. The chopping helps me release serious tension. That paired with great tunes puts me in my happy place.

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Even though I have committed to Lithe for more than a decade (yikes!), every class still challenges me. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? That's a tough one. I'm what you'd call a Lithe classic, but I like an element of surprise. Right now, I am torn between Weightless, which is always a sweat-fest and FreeStyle because you never know what you'll get. 

What do your friends and family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? I showed my husband once, but the look on his face told me that he either didn't get it or that I looked ridiculous. I'm going with the first option. 

What is the first concert you went to? UB40. Can you say "Red Red Wine?"

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the three products you'd need to survive? Sparkling water, sunscreen, and wine. Happy and hydrated all the way. 



What is your hidden talent? I can balance on the tips of my big toes like Kate Winslet in Titanic.

Did you ever go through an awkward phase? I hit peak awkwardness in late middle school and early high school. I've always struggled with my skin, and fighting acne while wearing braces and figuring out the whole makeup thing was not particularly flattering. Fortunately, this was before smartphones. Unfortunately my mom always ordered multiple copies when she had pictures developed, so there are probably some unfortunate reminders of that look floating around.

Do you have a specific song that can always pump you up? There are so many! Anyone who has taken class with me has probably noticed that I love to move and dance around to music, especially old-school rock and hip-hop. I make playlists out of songs that inspire me to move, and I keep coming back to "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, so there is probably something to that. Don't judge me.

What is your favorite body part? Either my abs or my butt. Thanks to Lithe and a lifetime of martial arts training, I'm proud of how they look, but the reason they are my favorite is because my strong core and glutes make it possible to do so much of the physical activity that is important to me. I can push myself to get lower in wide second, squats, chair series, you name it because of my strong backside, and my core helps keep me balanced during all of those swivel kicks, etc.

Do you have any nicknames? When I was teaching karate, they called me Mighty Meg or Tonka Truck. That one is kind of weird, but I love it. I am little, but virtually indestructible. My mom calls me Tink or Tinker Bell, whom I resemble less now that I have let my natural dark blonde or light brown hair grow in. Both my brothers call me Meggy, and now that my baby brother towers over me he frequently calls me "little one." He gets away with it because I love him so much.

Find Meghann on Instagram @mightymeg05



What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? So many things. First of all, I love being at Lithe, but we all have mornings where we don’t feel like moving. On those rare occasions, I push myself knowing that the rest of my day will be better after Lithe. I have more energy on days that I Lithe. If I’m ever feeling down, I know that Lithe will get me out of that mood and back to myself. It has taken a long time and 100 percent commitment to build up the stamina to handle the classes. Before Lithe, I avoided cardio and just did strength training. I know that at my age, staying away from the studio will set me back, so staying consistent is a given.

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? Go outside, take the dogs for a walk, hike, sit in the backyard and listen to music with a fire going, or watch mindless TV in bed. Truth be told, I don’t get stressed out very often though. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? May I curse? This one is easy… I’m turning 50 in June, and the most rewarding aspect of Lithe is being able to say F*&% you, 50! I am in the best shape of my life, and only a small part of that is about how I look. I have ridiculous energy; there is nothing I feel I can’t do. I can run circles around my 18 and 20-year-old sons, and nothing on my body hurts. Many of my friends claim they are falling apart. I know that Lithe is the secret to eternal youth. I have been into fitness my whole life and was even a personal trainer, and nothing has ever done for me what Lithe does. I also feel sexier and more alive than ever before. How many people can say that as they are about to turn 50? I also cannot leave out the friendships. Lithers and instructors are more then friends. I don’t know what it is, but Lithe turns women into this magical support system. I feel it myself when someone new comes to class. Instead of staying to yourself, you have a desire to build others up, to support each other and help them feel what you feel. It’s a beautiful thing. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? My Lithe class is still waiting to be discovered by the sick (meant in the most positive way) mind of Lauren. Just like me at almost 50, the class is still evolving and ever-changing. I know it will be challenging, fun, sexy, and worth the sweat.

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? My 18-year-old teases me and calls it dance class. Most of my friends know exactly what I’m doing and think I am obsessed. I show off my moves whenever it is the least bit socially acceptable and when it’s not, too. My husband always wants to see the sexy moves; he is supportive because he knows how great I feel. I think he is a little jealous and wishes he could find something for him to be so passionate about that has the same great results.

When you were in high school, what would you have been "Most Likely to..." in the yearbook superlatives? Easy… “Most likely to talk you to death.”

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the three products you'd need to survive? Lithe bands, shampoo (I hate dirty hair, which is the only downside to Lithe), and someone to talk to!


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